March & April Winners

A combined post to congratulate all of the winners from the last two months . . .

March saw MISS SORTED of Delran, NJ, win for the fourth (!) time in the eight months we’ve been running the contest. Congratulations once again! In addition to an Anagrams Around Eve notepad, MISS SORTED will receive this donkey (found photographed the other day in a restaurant in Athens) for hauling around all the jugs she’s amassed.


In truth, MISS SORTED is forcing me to think of new prizes, which is fun. Mini amphorae?

The five additional winners of notepads in March were:

Jamie (Montgomery, AL)

Catanaccio (Cantoria, Almería, Spain)

AlyssaAnn (Haddonfield, NJ)

Kegaunt (Potomac, MD)

darren.whorton (Brooklyn, NY)

Kudos to all of you! The arrival of your notepads will unfortunately be delayed until I return to the US, but you should have them by the end of June.

April was a challenging month. Question marks everywhere, and the five-juggers were on average a bit more difficult than usual. Given that, the accomplishment of Kegaunt of Potomac, MD, was especially impressive. Besides fielding many of the ?-style puzzles, he was the lone solver of No. 200, a puzzle whose solution I know a number of you are eager to see. (Solutions to all April puzzles are now available at their original posts.) Kudos to Kegaunt, who wins now for the second time and will therefore receive, in addition to an Anagrams Around Eve notepad, a custom word puzzle of his choosing.

The five additional winners of notepads in April were:

Jamie (Montgomery, AL)


Catanaccio (Cantoria, Almería, Spain)

Loving Solving (Brooklyn, NY)

gvrgirl (Chicago, IL)

Congrats to all these skillful and lucky solvers, and thank you for playing!

First puzzle of May to be posted shortly . . .