December’s TOP POT and Notepad Lottery Winners

Another down-to-the-wire finish this month at Anagrams Around Eve, as solutions were being submitted throughout the afternoon and evening and indeed right up until midnight. In December, it was the ?-style Thursday puzzles that appeared to be the difference-maker, and it was impressive solver Jamie of Montgomery, Alabama, who coaxed this tricky guest puzzle into yielding its solution on the last day, putting him just out of reach of a handful of other top solvers nipping at his heels. Kudos to first-time winner Jamie! Let us congratulate him on earning 47 wine jugs during what was arguably the most challenging month yet. Jamie will receive an Anagrams Around Eve notepad, as well as a set of twenty “Triunes”, three-part anagram puzzles.

The solutions to all December puzzles are now revealed at the original posts. (“Submit a Solution” has been everywhere replaced by “See the Solution”.)

The five skillful and lucky winners of the notepad giveaway (in which one’s odds of winning are proportional to his or her wine jug total) are:

Kegaunt (Potomac, MD)


barose98 (Burnsville, NC)

darren.whorton (Brooklyn, NY)

JeffSummerfeld (Moorestown, NJ)

Congratulations and Happy New Year! See you in 2018.