September Round-up, Prize Winners, and Some Changes for October

“My favorite poem is the one that starts ‘Thirty days hath September’ because it actually tells you something.” —Groucho Marx

What a delightful and amusing thirty days of puzzling, and what a stellar one for a number of solvers. Our TOP POT goes to Kegaunt of Potomac, Maryland, who with an impressive 59 wine jugs in the cellar (out of a possible 65 in September) edged out last month’s winner by one jug. A hearty congratulations to our first-place solver, who will receive an Anagrams Around Eve notepad, as well as a special pack of twenty “Triune” anagram puzzles.

Again I drew at random five additional solvers to receive notepads, with an individual’s odds of winning commensurate with his or her wine jug total. The notepad winners are:

MISS SORTED (Delran, New Jersey)

AlyssaAnn (Haddonfield, New Jersey)

Jamie (Montgomery, Alabama)

barose98 (Burnsville, North Carolina)

Loving Solving (Brooklyn, New York)

Congratulations to these skillful, lucky, and LOCO COOL solvers!

I should like to mention the lovely way in which Loving Solving responded to the news of his notepad prize:

Hi! Won paper?

Now happier.



For October I will be introducing an exciting new feature to the puzzle series, and also making a change that I believe solvers will appreciate. The change is that instead of posting the puzzles somewhat haphazardly and with random difficulty ratings, I’ll post puzzles every weekday morning only, and in the style of daily crosswords, they will get harder as the week advances: one jug on Monday, two on Tuesday, and so on until five-jug Friday. This way you know what to expect, and you’ll have the weekend to mull over the more difficult Thursday and Friday puzzles if you don’t solve them right away.

In addition, on Sunday mornings I will post a special variety puzzle with a structure other than the daily puzzles’ format. The puzzle type will vary but it will always involve letter rearrangement, and it will always include solving instructions. These puzzles won’t be counted toward your monthly jug total, though you may send me solutions if you’d like. I’ll make their solutions available the Monday morning after.

Solutions for all September puzzles are now revealed, and you can see them at this new page where I’ll keep all the closed puzzles.

See you tomorrow morning with the first puzzle of October.