Puzzle No. 47

[The end of the month is near! The deadline for submitting solutions to all September puzzles is midnight at the end of Saturday, September 30. There will be two puzzles today, and two tomorrow as well, bringing the puzzle total to 25 for the month. No new puzzles on Saturday. As always, if you are unsure as to which puzzles you’ve answered, feel free to submit a request on the website at “Your Standing.” Reminder: only one solution per puzzle, so please be sure before hitting the submit button. (You may keep taking stabs and sending solutions for your own satisfaction — and I’ll let you know if they’re right or not — but please be aware that you will not receive jugs for puzzles for which you initially submitted an incorrect solution.) Happy solving, everyone! On to today’s first puzzle . . . ]

Not what Indiana joneses for . . .


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